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Kill Day- Intra Workout

Kill Day- Intra Workout

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Kill Day is a clinically developed intra-workout and recovery formula designed to enhance muscle endurance and recovery.

Packed with nine grams of BCAAs used by the body to maximize protein synthesis and improve muscular development and recovery.

Coconut powder extract is one of nature’s highest concentrated electrolyte and nutrient rich fluids to help in hydration and allowing muscle recovery.

Creatine has been scientifically shown to improve muscle power, strength and performance during high intensity activities  Loaded with five grams of fast acting and slow acting Creatine formulas, Kill Day has you covered, eliminating another supplement container in the cabinet.

Whether you prefer Kill Day during a workout, post workout, or as an everyday beverage, you can be assured your body has everything needed to perform at peak condition and recover at amazing rates.
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